Saturday, March 14, 2020

First cause essays

First cause essays There are many different Cosmological arguments for the existence of God. People for many years now have been trying to distinguish if God was a matter of faith or if there are reasons to back up his existence. I have looked at all four Cosmological arguments and the argument that best fit my beliefs and reasoning was the first cause argument. The First cause argument not only has reasons to back up it opinions but also has traditional faith in it, which I believe is why it is the most well known argument. Our society at the present is filled with mostly the baby-boomer generation which are set in there ways and do not want to be told to think differently. Our textbook elucidates what most people who believe in God articulate when asked how they believe the world/god was created, Well, things just didnt pop up out of nothing. Someone, a pretty powerful Someone, had to cause the universe to come into existence. You just cant have causes going back forever. God must have made the world. Nothing else makes sense (Pojman, 101). The quote that was just presented sums up how people that believe in God believe in faith, and how first cause argument takes peoples faiths and is putting reason to it. The first cause argument gives explanation to how humans are not self-caused, only others cause change so something else (God) caused me. Since there cannot be an infinite number of causes something had to be the first (i.e. God). With this being said God then has to be the only uncaused first cause. (Pojman 102) Something has to be the cause of everything, which means God, is unchallengeable. The most plausible objection to the first cause argument is that if God was self-caused then he goes against the first cause theory that someone else has to cause something in order for change. By needing someone else to cause me or others around me we have to look back at our ...

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